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Join Stephanie Roche and Georgia Penna (Salpa) and the thousands of other students who have achieved driving test success with RSA School of Motoring

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As a student of RSA School of Motoring you get more. Why? Glad you asked...

Leinster's best instructors

Only instructors that meet our high standards work with us. Each one is vetted through a intensive interview and training process

Comprehensive curriculum

Lessons with us don't just start and finish in the car. Work through our 16 module support email course based around the EDT and driving test.

100% money back guarantee


If you're not happy then we definitely aren't happy. If you're not satisfied after your first lesson we'll give you your money back*

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Quick easy online payments help you book lessons fast. And if you're looking for a personalised gift voucher, order from us and you'll have it in seconds.

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With us you can learn in automatic or manual and switch at anytime. Choose which transmission you want to use when you order and we'll handle the rest.

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We understand that our students often need their lessons to work around hectic schedules. That's why you can start your lesson from home, work or college.

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Driving Lessons Edenderry

At Long Last... Unmatched EDT & Pretest Driving Lessons in Edenderry and All County Offaly

At RSA School of Motoring we use a refreshingly different approach to our driver training. Good driving instruction is about passion, about listening to the student and pushing them to shine. Creating this balance is what we're best at. All our instructors are pushed to stay on top of their game to enable them to deliver driving lessons in Edenderry that bridge the gap between theory and practice and turn our students into considerate, safer drivers. You will never ever witness our driving instructors lose their cool.

The Finest Driving Lessons in Edenderry

Why We Are Trusted As The Finest Driving School in Edenderry

Are you are driving test know it all?
Pop Quiz

When should you use your hazard lights?

When your car is broken down, being towed, or at the scene of an accident.

RSA School of Motoring have the precise track record of pupil success we have been talking about and we have the confirmed reviews to show it. So if you need driving instruction you would be getting a jump start picking us. Read on to discover why.

Years of experience has shown us that every student drives at various levels and have bad habits to resolve. So you get the most from every driving lesson we've trained all our driving instructors on how to efficiently profile you so that you focus on the areas of your driving that warrant the most attention.

Remembering all the brand new material you are struck with when learning to drive a car is demanding for any learner. So we made a decision to create a zero cost email course, stuffed with premium content and instructional videos to serve as a guide and to support you throughout your EDT.

When considering the bang for your buck few if any other driving schools in Edenderry offers what we do to our pupils. Many of our learners have even attributed it to their swift progression and improvement. Covering crucial driving skills like speed management, sharing the road and changing direction this training is like having your own approved driving instructor with you 24 hours a day.

About EdenderryA Driving School Offaly has faith in

Edenderry is a town in north County Offaly, Ireland. It is near the borders with Counties Kildare, Meath and Westmeath. The Grand Canal runs along the south of Edenderry, through the Bog of Allen, and there is a short spur to the town centre. find out more about Edenderry

Do You Know The Answer?

What is the minimum insurance on a vehicle?

Third party.

Learning to Drive in Edenderry: A Refreshing Driver Training Approach

We all will remember the exciting engaging teacher at school that made learning easy and fun. And we can recall the bad teachers that had no business teaching anyone. Not all teachers are created equal and that is no less a fact with approved driving instructors. It's not as straightforward as Googling 'Driving Lessons Edenderry' and choosing the first driving school you see. Who can you trust to provide you with that fun and engaging experience?

Naturally you would like to select a driving school sporting a fantastic track record. A driving school that gets learners past the test.

100% Genuine Testimonials From Our Google Page

Rachael Buggle - Passed in Wicklow

Rachael Buggle

Rachael Buggle - I passed my test!

I failed my test several times and had lost faith in my ability to actually pass the test. A friend suggested that I contact the School of Motoring for a new instructor. They suggested who specialized in aiding those who had not been successful. After a few lessons I was ready to sit my test again and passed it. I highly recommend this school and this instructor. I don't think I would have passed my test without their help.

What's the difference?

Generally learners are one of the following. You are either starting and need to finish your EDT driving lessons. Or you have completed your EDT and have a test to get ready for.

What is the 12 lesson Essential Driver Training?

EDT Driving Lessons Edenderry EDT Driving Lessons Edenderry

It is an sad reality that Ireland is among the worst countries in Europe for road deaths and accidents. In an effort to reduce these stats the Road Safety Authority implemented a brand new and mandatory training initiative for first time drivers. The Essential Driver Training or EDT.

This Essential Driver Training Syllabus mandates that all new drivers must finish a no less than 12 hours of essential driver training by an RSA approved driving instructor.

Learning to drive properly means comprehending and practicing distinct driving techniques and these 12 EDT lessons have been intended to do just that.

That's the 'whats' and 'whys' of the EDT.

Want to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Edenderry? Then call (045) 256 987

Driving Test Brain Teaser
Questions From The Driving Test

When parked on the left, what should you do before moving off?

Check your rear and right mirrors, signal and look over you right shoulder to check you blind spot and look forward again before moving off.

Getting yourself prepared for the Test in Edenderry

Pretest Driving Lessons Edenderry Pretest Driving Lessons Edenderry

Initially you must master the rules of the road, the road signs and skills required to operate a car safely and securely. And then there is learning to successfully pass the driving test. The test is your chance to show that you are safe enough to drive unaccompanied. And naturally, as with virtually any test, if you understand the scenarios and what to anticipate you can successfully pass effortlessly.

If you haven't completed any training for your test then you're in the dark and finding yourself in the dark can cause a lot of fear to occupy your thoughts. Fear can draw attention away from even the most experienced of drivers. Our approach takes away all the unknowns and affiliated fear that comes with it.

Our pretest driving lesson packages have been refined over several decades to provide you with a deep comprehension of what will take place on driving test day leaving you devoid of any uncertainty or fear.

Complete your pretest training with us and you won't just fully grasp all 4 stages of the driving test, you'll know the possible driving test routes you may be brought on and you are going to know exactly how the driving tester will communicate with you and what they specifically want you to demonstrate.

Find our more about our pretest lessons in Offaly here... or Call (045) 256 987 now to book your pretest package.

Offaly Test Centres

Tullamore Test Centre

  • Government Offices - Clonminch, Portlaoise Road, Tullamore
  • 1890406040
  • 9 weeks
Tullamore Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 52.92%
Got a driving test at Tullamore Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Tullamore Now

Birr Test Centre

  • Old midland Tribune Office, Emmet street, Birr
  • 1890406040
  • 11 weeks
Birr Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 65.70%
Got a driving test at Birr Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Birr Now
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PCgamer LTU - I passed

PCgamer LTU

PCgamer LTU - I'm so happy

Thank you Very Much :) This is my 3rd time doing My Driving Test , I could not pass my Driving Test 2 times before I Tried RSA School Of Motoring , These guys Helped me alot, They gave me the Right Information I needed and made everything alot Easier for me. Definitely Recomended ... Thank again and Safe Driving:)

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers ?

No matter your age learning to drive is most likely the most life transforming thing you'll ever go through. It uncovers amazing possibilities on a professional, social and personal level. This makes a driving lesson gift voucher a wonderful gift. Give a special person a Edenderry driving lesson gift voucher and transform their life forever.

Learning to Drive in an Automatic

Automatic driving lessons are now significantly more sought after and we are delighted to say that we can provide all our students automatic driving lessons all over Edenderry. Contact us today and we’ll get you booked in with your closest automatic driving instructor.

Are you are driving test know it all?
Pop Quiz

What is a controlled pedestrian crossing?

Pedestrian traffic lights.

Pick-up & Drop off?

Yes. We aspire to make your driving lesson experience as handy and painless as it can be. Meaning our driving instructors will drive to your house or place of education* to begin each and every driving lesson.

Female Driving Instructors

Your search is over. Our female driving instructors are ready and waiting to teach you to drive. Many people joke about lady drivers. Not any more. Book your lessons with one of our female instructors and discover why they are some of the best instructors in Offaly.

Are you are driving test know it all?
Pop Quiz

Name some conditions that you would need to increase your braking distance?

Rain (road wet after a dry spell), ice, snow, fallen leaves, loose chippings, worn tyres.

Accelerate your progress

With RSA School of Motoring your Edenderry driver training doesn't just start and finish with each driving lesson. To help you develop faster and retain all the driving techniques and principles our instructors teach, we have created our own exclusive home study email course sent straight to your inbox to guide you throughout your EDT all the way to the test. If you're looking for great value... you just discovered it.

Edenderry Car Hire Bundles

When that fateful day comes to sit your driving test, to allow yourself the best opportunity you have to not only find a car to use, but find a car that is easy to drive. And there isn't any easier method of doing that then hire one of our dual-controlled cars. It is our opinion that by arriving for your test in a secure, driving school car puts the tester at ease and displays a clear level of commitment from you to your own success. So why not pre-book one of our pretest car hire bundles and prepare for your driving test with complete confidence.

Got anymore queries for us? Give one of our team a call now to discuss your lessons. You'll be very glad you did.

Pass your driving test on your first attempt with RSA School of Motoring Offaly... Call (045) 256 987