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Join Stephanie Roche and Georgia Penna (Salpa) and the thousands of other students who have achieved driving test success with RSA School of Motoring

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As a student of RSA School of Motoring you get more. Why? Glad you asked...

Leinster's best instructors

Only instructors that meet our high standards work with us. Each one is vetted through a intensive interview and training process

Comprehensive curriculum

Lessons with us don't just start and finish in the car. Work through our 16 module support email course based around the EDT and driving test.

100% money back guarantee


If you're not happy then we definitely aren't happy. If you're not satisfied after your first lesson we'll give you your money back*

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Quick easy online payments help you book lessons fast. And if you're looking for a personalised gift voucher, order from us and you'll have it in seconds.

Automatic or Manual

With us you can learn in automatic or manual and switch at anytime. Choose which transmission you want to use when you order and we'll handle the rest.

We come to you

We understand that our students often need their lessons to work around hectic schedules. That's why you can start your lesson from home, work or college.

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Driving Lessons Finnea

You've Found It... The Finest Driving Lessons Finnea Has Ever Seen

Our revolutionary approach to instructing learners to drive is unrivaled. As our pupil we want you to love your lessons and remain safe when you drive. Striking this balance is what we're best at. All our instructors are encouraged to stay on top of their game to enable them to deliver driving lessons in Finnea that bridge the gap between theory and practice and turn our pupils into thoughtful, safe drivers. With our instructors your driving skills will come to life.

Pass your test in Finnea

Why We Brand Our School, The Preferred Driving School in Finnea

Are you are driving test know it all?
Pop Quiz

What position should you adopt when turning right?

Just left of the centreline of the road, except in cases of emergency.

RSA School of Motoring have the exact reputation for student success we have been referring to and we have the confirmed reviews to show it. So if you need driving instruction you would be receiving a jump choosing us. Let us explain to you why.

Decades of working experience has taught us that all students drive at various levels and have bad habits to deal with. We do not waste time trying to make you a 'perfect' driver. We correct facets of your driving require the most work so you improve quickly and stay safe and sound.

Taking a couple of driving lessons each week in Finnea is often insufficient for many learners. To aid our students with this we have developed our own training program to review between driving lessons to help strengthen what you learn in the car.

This support content is to help you improve faster and stay safe and sound. You’ll find everything from guidelines to better deal with your maneuvers to comprehensive material to guide you through all of your EDT driving lessons. No other Finnea driving school offers such a complete service as this.

About FinneaA Driving School Westmeath Trusts

Finnea, which in English means 'wood of the ford' is a small village in County Westmeath on the border with County Cavan. It straddles the R394 road. find out more about Finnea

Test Your Road Rule Knowledge
Did You Get It Right?

How many types of road signs are there?

Three: Informative (information signs), warning (black diamond shape) and regulatory (round).

Learning to Drive in Finnea: A Refreshing Driver Training Approach

Most of us remember the fun engaging teacher at school that made learning truly a pleasure. And then we had the opposite, those teachers that had no place in the class room. We don't assume teachers are made equal and that is certainly no less accurate with approved driving instructors. It's not as simple as Googling 'Driving Lessons Finnea' and choosing the first driving school you stumble upon. Who can you trust to provide you with that enjoyable and engaging driving lesson experience?

Logically you want to decide on a driving school that has a great reputation. A place where pupils are regularly pass the test with ease.

Verifiable Reviews From Google and Facebook

Jonathan Mitchell - Testimonial

Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell - I'm Delighted

Life changing.... Would recommend to you all, life long tips and superb instructing. BRILLIANT�

Allow us to inform you on the details of our services

Nearly all of our students fall under among the following. You have an impending driving test coming up or you want to kick off preparing for one before you book. Or you are a total beginner and want to begin or finish off your EDT syllabus.

Essential Driver Training: The facts?

EDT Driving Lessons Finnea EDT Driving Lessons Finnea

It is an sad fact that Ireland is among the worst countries in Europe for road deaths and accidents. The Road Safety Authority needed to do something so they launched a brand new training syllabus that all new drivers have to complete. The Essential Driver Training or EDT.

The EDT contains 12 mandatory structured driving lessons that have to be provided by a RSA approved driving instructor to all new drivers.

These 12 lessons were designed with the objective of filling in the crucial driving skill gaps that young drivers had which were ultimately causing the high level of road accidents each year.

This hopefully gives you some insight into why the EDT exists.

Want to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Westmeath? Then call 046 9046800

The Test: Your Crucial Preparation

Pretest Driving Lessons Finnea Pretest Driving Lessons Finnea

The art of driving safely and securely and the art of passing the test should not be confused as the equivalent. You really should have attained the crucial driving skills and road safety knowledge prior to filling out an application for the driving test. Pre-test training should be focused on understanding the test itself and how you can better it.

If you have to prepare for the test then your brain is probably a wash with different emotions. We obviously fear what we don't understand and the unknown. Well fear not.

A lot of approved driving instructors will keep giving you lessons until they ‘think’ you are prepared. Often they will bring you to perform the test not actually knowing if you will successfully pass or not. And they do this due to the fact they do not really have an understanding of the driving test, how you will be marked or what areas of your driving likely to lead a fail. Luckily this is not how we operate. All our instructors have been coached by ex-testers so they completely understand the driving tester and what they are looking for from you on driving test day.

Finish your pretest driver training with us and not only will you understand all 4 phases of the driving test, you will understand the possible test routes you may be brought on and you are going to know exactly how the tester will talk to you and what they specifically want you to demonstrate.

Check out pretest lessons in Finnea here... or Call 046 9046800 now to book your pretest package.

Westmeath Test Centres

Mullingar Test Centre

  • Government Offices, Bellview Estate- Dublin Road, Mullingar
  • 1890406040
  • 9 weeks
Mullingar Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 56.97%
Got a driving test at Mullingar Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Mullingar Now

Athlone Test Centre

  • McCormacks Shopping Centre, Dublin Road, Athlone
  • 1890406040
  • 11 weeks
Athlone Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 58.23%
Got a driving test at Athlone Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Athlone Now
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Driving Test Brain Teaser
Questions From The Driving Test

What is recommended when carrying a child?

Child restraints and car seats.

Pavani Rynhart - Passed in Wicklow

Pavani Rynhart

Pavani Rynhart - I passed my test!

I had 2-3 lessons with before my test. He came highly recommended and they were right! He is very patient, observant and his vast experience previously as a tester was helpful. I have driven for many years but failed a test once before. He was able to prep me to be the right mental view of the whole driving test experience. It comes to show that being mentally prepared is just as important and not many instructors can help with that! Thanks ! Dr. Punitha Rynhart

Westmeath's Top rated Automatic Driving Lessons

If you would like driving lessons in an automatic in Finnea then you are in a growing crowd and we can certainly help. Book your automatic driving lessons with us today.

Can I purchase a Driving School Gift Voucher?

Of course. And when you are considering gift suggestions, a driving lesson gift card must be one of the best there is when it comes to transforming the life of a young adult. Transform someones life in Finnea today with a RSA School of Motoring Gift Voucher.

Are you are driving test know it all?
Pop Quiz

Name some places where you should not park?

Too close to a junction; opposite a stationary vehicle; corners; double yellow lines; single yellow lines (within time zones); opposite a continuous white line.

Can you collect me for my driving lesson?

We want your driving lessons to be handy and straightforward to do. Which is why we can start and conclude your driving lessons from anywhere you wish be it your Finnea home or place of work.

Can I book with Female Driving Instructor?

Would you like to perform your Finnea driving lessons with a lady instructor? No problem. You can take your EDT or pre-test lessons with one of our female driving instructors. Give us a call to book in.

Paul Kinsella - I passed

Paul Kinsella

Paul Kinsella - The Best Driving School in Leinster

I just passed my test today all thanks and credit goes to my instructor. I have been driving for some years and had failed my test on a couple of occasions. I decided to change test centers and contacted RSA School of Motoring a couple of weeks prior to my driving test and had 2 lessons and also a pre-test on the day of my driving test. you showed true professionalism in what you do I cant thank you enough. You Identified the grey areas were I was going wrong and I was put right at ease with your patience and understanding. Having that knowledge and experience sitting beside me advising me on what was required and expected of me just gave me great confidence on the day of the test. I certainly will recommend RSA to anyone I know and will highly recommend. Thanks again.

Accelerate your progress

With RSA School of Motoring your Finnea driving lessons experience doesn't just start and finish with each driving lesson. We have created our own email support course sent at regular intervals to your mailbox on autopilot to provide you with assistance throughout your EDT program all the way to your test. If you're looking for great value... you just found it.

Driving Test Car Hire Finnea

For those who have a driving test booked and want a modern, easy to drive car to perform it in then we can certainly help. When a tester sees that you have chosen a dual-controlled car for your driving test, it speaks volumes to them as to how commited you are to the driving test process. So why wouldn't you book one of our pretest car hire deals and prepare for your test with complete confidence.

We would be proud to help you learn to drive so give us a call today to talk about your driving lesson needs. You'll be glad you did.

Pass your driving test first time with RSA School of Motoring Westmeath... Call 046 9046800