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Join Stephanie Roche and Georgia Penna (Salpa) and the thousands of other students who have achieved driving test success with RSA School of Motoring

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Only instructors that meet our high standards work with us. Each one is vetted through a intensive interview and training process

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Lessons with us don't just start and finish in the car. Work through our 16 module support email course based around the EDT and driving test.

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Driving Lessons Ballycullane

It's Here... The Most Impressive Driving Lessons Ballycullane Has To Choose From

About BallycullaneDriving Schools Wexford

Ballycullane is a small village located in the south-west of County Wexford, in Ireland. Ballycullane reference

Learning to Drive in Ballycullane: An Eye Opening Driver Training Solution

We all remember the fun engaging teacher at school that made learning truly a pleasure. And then we had the opposite, those teachers that had no place in the class room. Not all teachers are made equal and that is no less true with driving instructors. It's not as simple as searching 'Driving Lessons Ballycullane' and picking the first driving school you find. Who will you trust to offer you that exciting and engaging experience?

Experience and dependability is what you need from a driving instructor. An establishment where learners are routinely passing the test.

Pavani Rynhart - Passed in Wicklow

Pavani Rynhart

Pavani Rynhart - I passed my test!

I had 2-3 lessons with before my test. He came highly recommended and they were right! He is very patient, observant and his vast experience previously as a tester was helpful. I have driven for many years but failed a test once before. He was able to prep me to be the right mental view of the whole driving test experience. It comes to show that being mentally prepared is just as important and not many instructors can help with that! Thanks ! Dr. Punitha Rynhart

The Most Outstanding Driving Lessons in Ballycullane

Why We Identity Our School As The Leading Driving School in Ballycullane

We now have helped countless pupils pass the test so before you carry on your hunt we encourage you to consider RSA School of Motoring for your driving lessons in Ballycullane. Read on to understand why.

Everybody has bad habits and there is no such thing as a perfect driver. It's our objective that you to feel like you are making great advancements after every lesson, both in practice and understanding which is why our ADI's are taught to hone in on your poorest areas guaranteeing time isn't thrown away on aspects of your driving that are fine.

Something we see frequently is students returning for a subsequent lesson having forgotten the majority of what was included in the lesson before. Which is why we've developed our own exclusive training guides and tutorials to support you during your driver training.

No other Ballycullane Driving Schools provide free content like ours. Quite a few pupils have even attributed it to their fast progression and development. Driving lessons begin and end fast and you can be forgiven for forgetting what you have been taught. Our additional lesson content means you can study up on what was discussed prior to your upcoming lesson guaranteeing you don't lose time and money going over the same things twice.

Driving Test Questions
Are you ready?

What are chevrons?

They are directional arrows to indicate deviation ahead, bad bends etc. You must follow the arrows.

No other driving schools apply a similar attitude as us in Ballycullane. Our decades of working experience has taught us that you the student are only as good as the teacher. Creating this balance is what we are best at. All our driving instructors are pushed to stay on top of their game so they can provide driving lessons in Ballycullane that bridge the gap between theory and practice and turn our pupils into clever, safe drivers. You will under no circumstances witness our instructors lose their cool.

Real Reviews From Real People

Jonathan Mitchell - Testimonial

Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell - I'm Delighted

Life changing.... Would recommend to you all, life long tips and superb instructing. BRILLIANT�

Why choose RSA School of Motoring?

Commonly learners are one of the following. You are either a total beginner and need to complete the Essential Driver Training Syllabus. Otherwise you need to start your pre-test preparation.

What is the EDT?

EDT Driving Lessons Ballycullane EDT Driving Lessons Ballycullane

You may not realise but in the not to distant past Ireland had one of the worst road accident stats in Europe. The Road Safety Authority were required to take action so they launched a brand new training syllabus that all new drivers have to finish. The Essential Driver Training or EDT.

The Essential Driver Training syllabus requires that 12 structured lessons must be completed, rubber-stamped and uploaded to the RSA website by an approved driving instructor.

Learning to drive safely means knowing and applying distinct driving techniques and these 12 EDT driving lessons have been designed to do exactly that.

Want to know more about how the EDT works?

Ready to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Wexford? Then call 01 902 3100

Driving Test Questions
Are you ready?

Can you reverse from a minor road on to a major road?

No. (You should only reverse from a major road to a minor road).

Getting ready for the Test in Ballycullane

Pretest Driving Lessons Ballycullane Pretest Driving Lessons Ballycullane

First you must learn the rules of the road, the road signs and skills needed to control a car safely. And then there is learning how to best the driving test. Being allowed to drive alone on Ballycullane roads is a privilege you will need to prove you can have and the test is your chance to do it. And obviously, as with any kind of test, if you are familiar with the conditions and what to expect you can successfully pass easily.

If you haven't conducted any training for your driving test then you're in the dark and being in the dark can cause plenty of fear to occupy your thoughts. Fear can sidetrack even the best of drivers. So it isn't surprising that we have to shine a light in the dark, eliminate the unknowns and the fear. And that's exactly what our pretest driving lessons will do.

Most instructors will keep delivering lessons until they ‘think’ you are ready. They 'think' you are ready but they do not truly 'know'. This is down to a complete lack of knowledge on how the tester thinks and marks you during the test. This is not how we do things. All our instructors have been properly trained by ex-testers so they completely understand the driving tester and what they are looking for from you on test day.

Finish your pretest driver training with us and you won't just have an understanding of all four phases of the driving test, you'll know the potential driving test routes you may be brought on and you are going to specifically how the tester will speak to you and what they specifically want you to demonstrate.

Check out pretest lessons in Ballycullane here... or Call 01 902 3100 now to book your pretest package.

Wexford Test Centres

Gorey Test Centre

  • Naomh Eanna GAA Complex, Clonattin, Gorey
  • 1890406040
  • 10 weeks
Gorey Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 58.23%
Got a driving test at Gorey Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Gorey Now

Wexford Test Centre

  • Killeens, (Beside Jeffares Osteopathic Clinic), Wexford
  • 1890406040
  • 9 weeks
Wexford Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 50.76%
Got a driving test at Wexford Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Wexford Now
Book Your Wexford Pretest & Car Hire Package Today

See if you can get this one
Test Your Knowledge

What is a bus lane?

It is for the exclusive use of buses, taxis and cyclists within the specified times.

Wexford's Best Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic driving lessons are now significantly more sought after and we're happy to tell you that we can offer all our pupils automatic driving lessons all over Ballycullane. Give us a call today and we’ll get you booked in with your closest automatic instructor.

Can I purchase a Driving School Gift Voucher?

When you’re young learning to drive is probably the most life transforming process you'll ever go through. It can brighten your social life as well as providing wonderful opportunities to travel and work. This tends to make a driving lesson gift voucher a fantastic gift idea. Give a special person a Ballycullane driving lesson gift voucher and change their life forever.

Rachael Buggle - Passed in Wicklow

Rachael Buggle

Rachael Buggle - I passed my test!

I failed my test several times and had lost faith in my ability to actually pass the test. A friend suggested that I contact the School of Motoring for a new instructor. They suggested who specialized in aiding those who had not been successful. After a few lessons I was ready to sit my test again and passed it. I highly recommend this school and this instructor. I don't think I would have passed my test without their help.

Are you able to collect me from my Home in Ballycullane?

We want your driving lessons to be convenient and uncomplicated to do. Which is why we can begin and finish your driving lessons from wherever you want be it your Ballycullane home or workplace.

Can I book with Female Driving Instructor?

You got it right! Our highly trained female driving instructors are are ready to be of service. Don’t trust the myth about female drivers. Book your driving lessons with one of our female instructors and discover why they are some of the best instructors in Ballycullane.

Paul Murray - I passed

Paul Murray

Paul Murray - I did it!

Just Passed My Test In Tallaght With RSA. My Wife Passed Aswell And We Couldnt Praise The Professionalism Enough And It Was First Time For Both Of Us Sitting The Test. Anyone Looking To Pass Call The RSA School Of Motoring Now� Top CLASS.

Become a smarter driver...quicker

Your Ballycullane driving lesson can come and go in what seems like only minutes. Trying to recall all this new information in a driving lesson environment can be tough. But we don't leave you high and dry. We have created our unique learner driver support course sent at regular intervals to your inbox to provide you with assistance throughout your EDT program up to your test. If you're looking for great value... you just found it.

Driving Test Car Hire Ballycullane

In the event you appear for you driving test in a car that isn't roadworthy you'll instantly fail and chuck €85 out of the window. And for 10% of all learners, this is precisely what occurs. Damaged car tyres, faulty lights and incorrect insurance are just a handful of reasons tests fail to go ahead. Let us ensure that your test begins the way it ought to by hiring one of our modern driving school cars. We have some great Affordable Pre-test Car Hire Packages so go book yours today.

Got anymore inquiries for us? Give one of our team a call now to talk about your driving lessons. You'll be very glad you did.

Get through the test first time with RSA School of Motoring Wexford... Call 01 902 3100