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Join Stephanie Roche and Georgia Penna (Salpa) and the thousands of other students who have achieved driving test success with RSA School of Motoring

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Only instructors that meet our high standards work with us. Each one is vetted through a intensive interview and training process

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Lessons with us don't just start and finish in the car. Work through our 16 module support email course based around the EDT and driving test.

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Driving Lessons Ballyhale

Finally... Unequalled Pretest & EDT Driving Lessons in Ballyhale and beyond

About BallyhaleDriving lessons Kilkenny

Ballyhale is a village in County Kilkenny in Ireland. It is south of the city of Kilkenny, roughly half way between Kilkenny and Waterford. Ballyhale reference

Learning to Drive in Ballyhale: An Eye Opening Driver Training Approach

We all remember the entertaining engaging teacher at school that made learning fun and easy. And we can recall the bad teachers that had no business teaching anyone. We don't assume teachers are made equal and that is certainly no less a fact with approved driving instructors. It effortless these days to Google 'Driving Lessons Ballyhale' and discover instructors near you but which can you trust to best train to drive?

Clearly you should decide on a driving school with a fantastic track record. A driving school that gets students to pass the driving test.

Niamh O' Farrell - Passed in Kildare

Niamh O' Farrell

Niamh O' Farrell Another student passes

Just passed my test this morning all thanks to the help from amazing instructor! I had taken the test twice over the last few years and failed and wasn't thrilled about trying it a 3rd time because of the previous results, but got recommended to by a friend so after only 3 hours in total of pre tests I passed, delighted! knows what he is talking about and guides you through the testing routes very calmly,professionally and puts you at ease with the overall test and what is expected of you. I can't recommend him enough as an instructor and I wouldn't have passed without him. Thanks a mill :)

Pass your test in Ballyhale

Here is Why People Call Us The Best Driving School in Ballyhale

We now have helped hundreds of pupils pass the driving test so before you carry on your search we urge you to think about RSA School of Motoring for your driving lessons in Ballyhale. Let us explain to you why.

Years of working experience has shown us that every student drives at different levels and have bad habits to repair. We don't spend time trying to make you a 'perfect' driver. We deal with facets of your driving need the most attention so you develop fast and keep safe.

This standard of driving instruction is astounding but we also feel that breaks between lessons can often impede advancements so all our students also get free of charge access to our web based training system to help boost their learning.

We've seen students consistently advance faster with the use of our home study support content. Our program walks you through the Essential Driver Training syllabus and helps with facets of your driving like right and left turns offering you a better theoretical understanding of what safe driving actually is. This additional zero cost training program is not offered by any other driving school in Ballyhale.

Driving Test Questions
Are you ready?

To keep you vehicle in legal condition, what should you pay particular attention to?

brakes; lights; tyres; steering; indicators; wipers; speedometer; horn; silencer.

We think taking driving lessons in Ballyhale should be exciting and stress free. We've witnessed time and time again nerves and fear holding back a learners progress. The best driving lesson starts and ends the nature of the driving instructor and atmosphere of the car. To that end we never stop coaching our instructors to keep them on top of their game. As a student you are only as good as the training you receive and that training has to be focused on your individual needs. And this is exactly where the knowledge of our approved driving instructors is focused. Bridging the gap and transforming an anxious student into a safe, confident driver.

Real Reviews From Real People

PAULINA DYLEWSKA - Passes with RSA School of Motoring


PAULINA DYLEWSKA - I couldn't have done it without RSA School of Motoring Leinster

I would like to say great THANK YOU to because I passed my driving test. My story is easy. I failed my first driving test. After that I found on the webside Tthe mobile phone to . I ordered 4 hours of lessons with him. That four hours gave me a lot of knowledge. At first He showed me how I should to drive than I had to drive. After few minutes He knows why I did not pass my exam. He is a good observer. He fixed my mistake with excelent result. The most important is that He thorougtly explained me why I did mistake. Good news for people with basic english!!!! He is patient and He is speaking simply and clearly. I really recommend the RSA SCHOOL OF MOTORING.

What's the difference?

Typically learners are among the following. You are either starting and need to complete the Essential Driver Training Syllabus. Or you have finished your Essential Driver Training and have a test to prepare for.

The EDT: What is it?

EDT Driving Lessons Ballyhale EDT Driving Lessons Ballyhale

It is an regrettable reality that Ireland is among the worst nations in Europe for road deaths and accidents. In order to stem these statistics the Road Safety Authority unveiled a whole new and mandatory driver training initiative for first time drivers. The Essential Driver Training or EDT.

The EDT consists of 12 obligatory structured driving lessons that must be delivered by a RSA approved driving instructor to all new drivers.

Learning to drive safely will mean knowing and performing particular driving techniques and these 12 EDT lessons have been designed to accomplish that.

This hopefully has given you some insight into why the EDT exists.

Want to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Kilkenny? Then call **Kilkennynumber**

Preparing for the Test in Ballyhale

Pretest Driving Lessons Ballyhale Pretest Driving Lessons Ballyhale

The skill of driving safely and securely and the skill of beating the test should not be confused as the equivalent. Well before attempting the driving test you should hold the essential skills and knowledge to drive without having to put your life or the lives of others at risk. Pre-test training should be focused on comprehending the driving test itself and how you can beat it.

If your driving test is scheduled there will be many doubts and fears to cope with. They frequently get the best of even the most experienced driver. Our approach purges all the unknowns and affiliated fear that accompanies it.

It is normal practice by many driving instructors to keep delivering lessons until they 'think' you could pass the test. They 'think' you are prepared but they do not really 'know'. This is down to a total lack of knowledge on how the driving tester perceives and grades you during the test. This is not how we do things. All our instructors have been coached by ex-testers so they completely understand the driving tester and what they are looking for from you on test day.

RSA School of Motoring is not in the business of gambling on your success. Our pretest packages fully reproduce the 4 different stages of the driving test and truly prepares you for the way the tester will communicate with you and how they will grade you on the marking sheet.

When we share this knowledge and understanding with our students it is like providing them with each of the solutions to an examination before they even know the questions. Which is why so many of our students pass the driving test on their first attempt. That means less lessons and less expense to you.

Check out pretest lessons in Kilkenny here... or Call **Kilkennynumber** now to book your pretest package.

Kilkenny Test Centres

Kilkenny Test Centre

  • Government Offices, Hebron Road, Kilkenny
  • 1890406040
  • 9 weeks
Kilkenny Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 46.10%
Got a driving test at Kilkenny Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Kilkenny Now
Book Your Kilkenny Pretest & Car Hire Package Today

Pressure Test
Do You Know The Answer?

What lights should you have on in fog?

Dipped headlights & fog lights on rear if fitted.

xue wu - Passes with RSA School of Motoring

xue wu

xue wu - I did it!

Had a brilliant experience with RSA. My instructor was courteous, mannerly and punctual. Passed and definiately recommend to all my friends. SUNNY.....

Do you offer Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers in Kilkenny?

When you’re younger learning to drive is probably the most life changing thing you'll ever go through. It can benefit your social life as well as presenting professional opportunities. That is the crucial reason why it is the best gift idea. Give that special someone the gift of driving and change their life forever.

Automatic Driving Lessons in Ballyhale

If you would like learn to drive in an automatic in Ballyhale then you're not the only one and we can certainly help. Contact us today and we’ll get you booked in with your closest automatic instructor.

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

When is it particularly dangerous to park on the road at night?

In heavy fog or in badly lit areas.

Lady Driving Instructors Ballyhale

Searching for a female driving instructor for your driving lessons in Ballyhale? Your wish is our command. You can conduct your essential driver training or pre-test driving lessons with one of our female driving instructors. Give us a call and book your lessons today.

Can you collect me for my lesson?

Certainly. We prefer to make your driving lesson experience as handy and straightforward as it can be. Which means our instructors will drive to your home or workplace* to begin each driving lesson.

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

How many types of pedestrian crossing are there?

Two, controlled (pedestrian traffic lights) and uncontrolled (flashing amber beacons).

Boost your progress

With RSA School of Motoring your Ballyhale driver training doesn't simply start and finish in the car. We have developed our own email support course sent at regular intervals to your mailbox on autopilot to provide you with support throughout your Essential Driver Training program all the way to your driving test. If you're looking for great value... you just found it.

Driving Test Car Hire Ballyhale

For those who have a driving test lined up and need an up to date, easy to drive car to conduct it in then we can assist. Using a professional driving school car for the test tells the driving examiner that you are taking the test seriously. So why not book one of our pretest car hire deals and prepare for your test like a pro.

We would be proud to help you learn to drive so give us a call today to talk about your driving lesson needs. It will be the best choice you've made in a long time.

Pass your driving test first time with RSA School of Motoring Kilkenny... Call **Kilkennynumber**