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Join Stephanie Roche and Georgia Penna (Salpa) and the thousands of other students who have achieved driving test success with RSA School of Motoring

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Lessons with us don't just start and finish in the car. Work through our 16 module support email course based around the EDT and driving test.

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Driving Lessons Clonmore

At Long Last... The Best Driving Lessons Clonmore Has To Choose From

No other driving schools apply a similar attitude as us in Clonmore. Our years of experience has taught us that you the learner are only as good as the instructor. Finding this balance is what we are famous for. All our driving instructors are pushed to stay on top of their game so they can deliver driving lessons in Clonmore that bridge the gap between theory and practice and transform our learners into considerate, safe drivers. You will under no circumstances see our instructors lose their cool.

The Best Driving Lessons in Clonmore

Why We Label Ourselves The Leading Driving School in Clonmore

Jamie O'Connell - Review

Jamie O'Connell

Jamie O'Connell - I passed my test!

My driving instructor Colman was fantastic. He was friendly, very patient and gave great clear instruction. I felt well prepared when it came to the test (I passed two weeks back). I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive. You won't find a better instructor!

We now have helped hundreds of pupils pass the test so before you carry on your search we encourage you to think about RSA School of Motoring for your driving lessons in Clonmore. Read on to find out why.

Years of experience has taught us that all students drive at various levels and have bad habits to deal with. We want you to feel like you are making great progress after every driving lesson, both in practice and understanding which explains why our ADI's are trained to hone in on your poorest areas ensuring time is not squandered on aspects of your driving that are good.

Retaining all the fresh material you're hit with when learning to drive a car is tough for any student. Wouldn't it be great if you had an instructor with you 24 hours a day? Regretably that's not feasible which is why we developed our own support and training material for you to review in between your driving lessons, offering up more bang for your buck.

When considering the bang for your buck few if any other driving schools in Clonmore can offer what we do to our pupils. With our zero cost home study support material you're going to be all set for every driving lesson and grow faster as a learner than with any other driving school. Driving lessons come and go quick and you can be forgiven for failing to remember what you have learned. Our additional lesson content means you can follow up on what was discussed prior to your upcoming lesson guaranteeing you never waste time and money going over the same things twice.

About ClonmoreA Driving School Carlow Trusts

Clonmore is a village in County Carlow, Ireland. It is located 3½ miles south of Hacketstown and 9 miles east of Tullow in the north-east corner of County Carlow. source

Pressure Test
Do You Know The Answer?

At a pelican crossing what does a flashing amber light mean?

Proceed with caution if no pedestrian is crossing.

Learning to Drive in Clonmore: A Unique Driver Training Strategy

Most of us remember the exciting engaging teacher at school that made learning truly a pleasure. And then we had the opposite, those teachers that had no place in the classroom. Not all teachers are made equal and that is no less real with approved driving instructors. It simple these days to Google 'Driving Lessons Clonmore' and find instructors near you but which can you trust to best teach you?

Logically you would like to decide on a driving school that has a fantastic reputation. A driving school that gets pupils past the test.

All our reviews are from real people on our Google business page

Jamie O'Connell - Review

Jamie O'Connell

Jamie O'Connell - I passed my test!

My driving instructor Colman was fantastic. He was friendly, very patient and gave great clear instruction. I felt well prepared when it came to the test (I passed two weeks back). I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive. You won't find a better instructor!

Discover more about our unique approach to driver training

Which group do you fit into? Either you have your EDT done and need to prepare for the test. Or you haven't ever driven before and want to get your EDT started.

The EDT: What is it?

EDT Driving Lessons Clonmore EDT Driving Lessons Clonmore

You will possibly not know but in the past Ireland had one of the worst road accident stats in Europe. The Road Safety Authority were required to take action so they designed a brand new training curriculum that all new drivers have to carry out. The Essential Driver Training or EDT.

This EDT mandates that all learners must complete a no less than 12 hours of essential driver training by an RSA approved driving instructor.

This 12 lesson syllabus has been created to ensure new drivers apply essential driving skills and grow a more extensive understanding of road safety.

That's the 'whats' and 'whys' of the EDT.

Want to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Clonmore? Then call 01 902 3100

The Driving Test: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Pretest Driving Lessons Clonmore Pretest Driving Lessons Clonmore

Initially you must master the rules of the road, the road signs and skills needed to operate a car safely. Then you must reign over the circumstances of the driving test and learn what to expect. Being allowed to drive by yourself on Clonmore roads is a privilege you will need to prove you can have and the test is your chance to do it. Like any exam you have ever had to sit, 80% of the work needed to pass is achieved well before the day of the test with right preparation.

If you haven't done any training for your test then you're in the dark and being in the dark can cause plenty of fear to rise up. They so often get the best of even the most seasoned driver. So it stands to reason that we have to shine a light in the dark, remove the unknowns and the anxiety. And that's precisely what our pretest driving lessons will do.

A lot of approved driving instructors will keep delivering lessons until they ‘think’ you are ready. Often they will send you to do the driving test not really knowing if you will successfully pass or not. This is down to a total lack of knowledge on how the tester perceives and marks you during the driving test. This is not how we do things. All our instructors have been coached by ex-testers so they fully understand the driving tester and what they are looking for from you on driving test day.

We're not in the business of gambling on your success. Our pretest training fully simulate the Four different stages of the test and truly prepares you for the way the driving tester will talk to you and how they will grade you on the marking sheet.

When we present this knowledge and understanding with our students it is like giving them all the answers to an examination before they even know the questions. And for that reason a great number of our pupils pass the driving test first time. Passing first time means you save money.

Check out pretest lessons in Clonmore here... or Call 01 902 3100 now to book your pretest package.

Driving Test Questions
Are you ready?

What is the sequence of the traffic lights?

Green; Amber; Red; Green.

Niamh O' Farrell - Passed in Kildare

Niamh O' Farrell

Niamh O' Farrell Another student passes

Just passed my test this morning all thanks to the help from amazing instructor! I had taken the test twice over the last few years and failed and wasn't thrilled about trying it a 3rd time because of the previous results, but got recommended to by a friend so after only 3 hours in total of pre tests I passed, delighted! knows what he is talking about and guides you through the testing routes very calmly,professionally and puts you at ease with the overall test and what is expected of you. I can't recommend him enough as an instructor and I wouldn't have passed without him. Thanks a mill :)

Give yourself the advantage

With RSA School of Motoring your Clonmore driver training doesn't simply begin and end with each driving lesson. So that you can develop faster and to enable you remember each of the driving techniques our instructors teach, we have produced our own exclusive home study learner driver program delivered straight to your inbox to support you throughout your EDT to the driving test. If you're looking for a driving school that gives you more... you just found it.

Clonmore Car Hire Packages

There is no escaping the reality that you need to supply a car in which to take your driving test. And we can certainly help you. It is our opinion that by turning up for your driving test in a safe, dual-controlled vehicle puts the tester at ease and displays a clear level of commitment from you to your own success. Give yourself an advantage and book one of our pretest and car hire bundles... you won't regret it.

Lady Driving Instructors Clonmore

Looking for a female driving instructor for your driving lessons in Clonmore? We can assist. It is possible to conduct your essential driver training or pretest lessons with one of our highly trained female driving instructors. Just give us a call to book in.

Collection and Drop Off Support in Clonmore?

In stressful times such as these we all want flexibility and convenience and this is definitely no less true with taking driving lessons. For that reason our highly trained instructors can pick you up and drop you off from the preferred Clonmore locations*, be it work, home or school.

Carlow Gift Vouchers ?

No matter your age learning to drive is most likely the most life transforming thing you'll ever go through. It can enhance your personal life in addition to opening doors for work and travel. Which is precisely why it is the perfect gift idea. Put a big smile on someones face with the gift of driving.

Do offer Automatic Driving Lessons in Clonmore?

What great driving school doesn't offer automatic driving instruction in Carlow? At RSA School of Motoring you can learn to drive in a manual or automatic driving school car. You're in control.. Book your automatic driving lessons in Clonmore now.

Pavani Rynhart - Passed in Wicklow

Pavani Rynhart

Pavani Rynhart - I passed my test!

I had 2-3 lessons with before my test. He came highly recommended and they were right! He is very patient, observant and his vast experience previously as a tester was helpful. I have driven for many years but failed a test once before. He was able to prep me to be the right mental view of the whole driving test experience. It comes to show that being mentally prepared is just as important and not many instructors can help with that! Thanks ! Dr. Punitha Rynhart

Teaching you to drive would be our total pleasure. Go ahead... contact us now and let's get you booked in for your Clonmore driving lessons now. It will be the finest decision you've made in a long time.

Pass your driving test first time with RSA School of Motoring Carlow... Call 01 902 3100