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Join Stephanie Roche and Georgia Penna (Salpa) and the thousands of other students who have achieved driving test success with RSA School of Motoring

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As a student of RSA School of Motoring you get more. Why? Glad you asked...

Leinster's best instructors

Only instructors that meet our high standards work with us. Each one is vetted through a intensive interview and training process

Comprehensive curriculum

Lessons with us don't just start and finish in the car. Work through our 16 module support email course based around the EDT and driving test.

100% money back guarantee


If you're not happy then we definitely aren't happy. If you're not satisfied after your first lesson we'll give you your money back*

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Driving Lessons Dunsany

It's Here... Driving Lessons Dunsany Learners Choose Every Time

Our innovative approach to coaching students to operate a vehicle is unrivaled. Great driving instruction is about passion, about listening to the pupil and driving them to shine. Creating this balance is what we are recognised for. All our instructors are pushed to stay on top of their game so they can deliver driving lessons in Dunsany that bridge the gap between theory and practice and transform our learners into thoughtful, safe drivers. That means no pressure and no yelling.

The Best Driving Lessons in Dunsany

Why We Are Trusted As The Finest Driving School in Dunsany

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Test Your Knowledge

What is the meaning of a single white line in the centre of the road?

It divides the road and should not be crossed except in exceptional circumstances e.g. an accident, road works, parked cars, cyclists or other obstructions.

RSA School of Motoring have the precise track record of student success we have been referring to and we have the verified testimonials to show it. So if you need driving instruction you would be receiving a head start deciding on us. Read on to discover why.

Decades of practical experience has revealed to us that every student drives at different levels and have bad habits to fix. We want you to feel like you are making good progress after every lesson, both in practice and understanding which explains why our driving instructors are trained to zone in on your weakest areas ensuring time isn't wasted on aspects of your driving that are fine.

Another thing we notice a lot is students coming back for a follow-up driving lesson having forgotten the majority of what was incorporated in the previous driving lesson. Which is why we've created our own exclusive training guides and tutorials to support you during your driver training.

This beneficial content if applied properly should push you to progress quicker and stay safe on the road. Our program walks you through the Essential Driver Training syllabus and helps with elements of your driving like left and right turns offering you a greater theoretical comprehension of what safe driving actually is. No other Dunsany driving school offers such a thorough service as this.

About DunsanyDriving lessons Meath

Dunsany Castle is a modernised Norman castle, started c. 1180 / 1181 by Hugh de Lacy, who also commissioned Killeen Castle, nearby, and the famous Trim Castle. find out more about Dunsany

Question time: Driving Test Trivia
Driving Test Questions

When may you drive on the right hand side?

In a one way street.

Learning to Drive in Dunsany: A Unique Driver Training Solution

When we were in school many of us had our favorite teachers, those that engaged us and made learning fun. And we will remember the poor teachers that had no business educating anyone. Not all teachers are made equal and that is certainly no less true with approved driving instructors. It is easy to Google 'Driving Lessons Dunsany' and find instructors nearby but which can you rely on to best teach you?

Naturally you should decide on a driving school with a excellent reputation. A driving school that gets pupils over the line consistently.

All our reviews are from real people on our Google business page

john weng - Review

john weng

john weng - I did it!

I passed my test with 5 marks only. My instructor Michael was the best. Sooo happy. RSA School of Motoring are just way ahead... GO WITH THEM.

Why choose RSA School of Motoring?

Which group do you belong to? Either you have your Essential Driver Training carried out and want to get ready for the driving test. Or you are a total beginner and want to begin or complete your EDT syllabus.

What is the EDT?

EDT Driving Lessons Dunsany EDT Driving Lessons Dunsany

As part of an action to correct the negative stats of young drivers getting killed or injured on our roads the Road Safety Authority launched the EDT.

The EDT syllabus requires that 12 structured lessons have to be carried out, rubber-stamped and uploaded to the RSA website by a registered ADI.

This 12 lesson syllabus has been designed to assure young drivers apply essential driving skills and build a more extensive understanding of road safety.

Want to know more about how the EDT works?

Ready to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Dunsany? Then call 046 9046800

The Driving Test: Preparation is Essential

Pretest Driving Lessons Dunsany Pretest Driving Lessons Dunsany

The skill of driving safely and the art of beating the test should not be mixed up as the same. Well before attempting the test you will ideally hold the important skills and knowledge to drive without having to put your life or the lives of other people in danger. Pretest driver training is about understanding the driving test itself and how you can better it.

If your test is booked there is a lot of doubts and concerns to deal with. Fear can distract even the most experienced of drivers. Our strategy removes all the unknowns and connected fear that comes with it.

A lot of driving instructors will keep delivering driving lessons until they ‘think’ you are ready. They 'think' you are ready but they do not truly 'know'. This is down to a total lack of understanding on how the tester thinks and grades you during the test. This is not how we do things. All our instructors have been trained by ex-testers so they fully understand the driving tester and what they are looking for from you on test day.

We don’t like leaving things to chance. Our pretest training completely simulate the 4 different stages of the test and thoroughly prepares you for the way the driving tester will communicate with you and how they will grade you on the marking sheet.

When we share this knowledge and understanding with our students it is like providing them with all the solutions to an examination before they even know the questions. Which is why so many of our pupils pass on their first attempt. Meaning less driving lessons and less expense to you.

Find our more about our pretest lessons in Meath here... or Call 046 9046800 now to book your pretest package.

Driving Test Questions
Are you ready?

What side of the road should your passengers alight from, especially children?

Pavement side.

Meath Test Centres

Navan Test Centre

  • Government Offices, Athlumney, Kilcairn- Navan
  • 1890406040
  • 7 weeks
Navan Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 50.90%
Got a driving test at Navan Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Navan Now
Book Your Meath Pretest & Car Hire Package Today

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Test Your Knowledge

What do Zig-zag lines mean on approach to a Zebra crossing?

No overtaking, no parking, no stopping (except for traffic reasons).

Driving Test Car Hire Dunsany

If you have a driving test lined up and want an up to date, easy to drive car to perform it in then we can help. Using a professional driving school car for the test shows the driving tester that you mean business. Booking a pretest and car hire package for your test is the best choice you can make.

Boost your progress

With RSA School of Motoring your Dunsany driver training doesn't simply begin and end with each driving lesson. We've designed our unique learner driver study course sent periodically to your inbox to provide you with support through your EDT program up to your driving test. If you're looking for a driving school that gives you more... you just discovered it.

Collection and Drop Off Support in Dunsany?

In busy times such as these we all want convenience and freedom and this is definitely no less accurate with sitting driving lessons. Which is why our approved driving instructors will collect you and drop you off from the preferred Dunsany start point*, be it work, home or college.

Can I take my driving lessons with a Female Driving Instructor?

You’re in luck. Our female driving instructors are more than willing to help. People laugh about lady drivers. Not any more. Our female driving instructors are some of the best instructors in not just Meath but Ireland. Book your driving lesson package now.

Can I learn in an Automatic Car with your Dunsany driving school?

If you want to learn to drive in an automatic in Dunsany then you're not the only one and we can certainly help. Book your automatic driving lessons with us now.

Can I purchase a Driving School Gift Voucher?

No matter your age learning to drive is possibly the most life altering process you'll ever go through. It uncovers huge possibilities on a professional, social and personal level. That is the crucial reason why it is the perfect gift idea. Give that special someone a Dunsany driving lesson gift voucher and change their life forever.

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Test Your Knowledge

When should you dip your headlights?

When meeting oncoming traffic, in built-up areas, in fog or falling snow, when following close behind another vehicle, at the beginning and end of lighting-up hours, in heavy rain and on dull days.

Got anymore queries for us? Give one of our team a call now to discuss your driving lessons. You'll be very glad you did.

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