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Driving Lessons Durrow

It's Here... Unparalleled EDT & Pretest Driving Lessons in Durrow and All County Laois

About DurrowDriving Schools Laois

Durrow is a small town located in south County Laois, Ireland. Bypassed by the M8 motorway on 28 May 2010, the town is located on the R639 road at its junction with the N77. Durrow reference

Learning to Drive in Durrow: A Refreshing Driver Training Strategy

We all recall the fun engaging teacher in school that made learning easy and fun. And we will remember the bad teachers that had no business educating anyone. Not all teachers are created equal and that is no less true with driving instructors. It is not hard to Google 'Driving Lessons Durrow' and find driving instructors near you but which can you rely on to best train to drive?

You need a driving instructor with a good reputation built on working experience and driving test passes. A place where learners are regularly pass the test with ease.

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

What should a broken white line mean to you?

A broken white line divides the centre of the road and should only be crossed if it safe or necessary to do so.

Pass your test in Durrow

Why We Are Accepted As The Leading Driving School in Durrow

RSA School of Motoring have the precise track record of pupil success we have been referring to and we have the confirmed reviews to show it. So if you need driving lessons you would be getting a jump start deciding on us. Let us show you why.

We want you to mature as a driver as easily as you can and as safe as you can. Our driving instructors don't hammer the same points into you again and again. They assess your driving skills and center on repairing your bad habits and building your road craft.

Taking a couple of driving lessons each week in Durrow is often not enough for many pupils. To aid our students with this we have created our own training course to study between lessons to help reinforce what you learn in the car.

This support content is to help you progress quicker and stay safe. Our additional bonus training provides you with a jump start on all your EDT lessons, road rules and on the test itself. This additional free training program is not supplied by any other driving school in Durrow.

Driving Test Brain Teaser
Questions From The Driving Test

On your driving test, while doing your turnabout, must the manoeuvre be completed in three movements?

No it can be done in 3, 5 or 7 movements. The less the better. Most cars can do it in three depending on the size of the road and car.

Fear of driving is incredibly common and we appreciate it is crucial to provide the right learning atmosphere for our learners in Leinster. We've seen repeatedly nervousness and fear holding back a learners growth. It's our obligation to ensure that you are happy in the driver's seat. Which explains why our instructors get that little bit extra training on top of the normal level you'll usually see out there. Teaching people to drive is about being attentive and reacting to your needs. In the end that is what being a driving instructor is all about. You, our student, and your safe progression into a skilled driver.

Verifiable Reviews From Google and Facebook

Maggie Gevers - Passed in Kildare

Maggie Gevers

Maggie Gevers Another student passes

I failed my driving test four times until I came here and got a few lessons. It seriously turned my driving around, and I passed the test this morning! Highly highly recommend.

Allow us to tell you more about our services

More than likely you fall into one of two categories. You need to accomplish or begin your 12 EDT driving lessons. Or you have finished your Essential Driver Training and have a test to prepare for.

The EDT: The facts?

EDT Driving Lessons Durrow EDT Driving Lessons Durrow

You may not realise but in the past Ireland was one of the leading nations for the worst road accident stats in Europe. The Road Safety Authority were required to take action so they created a new driver training syllabus that all new drivers have to complete. The Essential Driver Training or EDT.

The EDT is made up of 12 compulsory structured driving lessons that must be provided by a RSA approved driving instructor to all new drivers.

These 12 lessons were created with the intention of filling in the crucial driving skill gaps that new drivers had that have been ultimately causing the high level of road accidents each year.

That's the 'whats' and 'whys' of the EDT.

Ready to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Durrow? Then call 046 9046800

Do You Know The Answer?

What signs would you expect to see approaching a major road?

Warning sign; major road ahead; regulatory sign: yield or stop.

The Test: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Pretest Driving Lessons Durrow Pretest Driving Lessons Durrow

There is grasping the crucial driving skills and growing your knowledge of road signs and road safety. And then there is studying to pass the driving test. Being allowed to drive solo on Durrow roads is a privilege you must earn and the driving test is your opportunity to do it. And obviously, as with any kind of test, if you are familiar with the conditions and what to anticipate you can successfully pass effortlessly.

If you need to prepare for the test then your head is most likely a wash with different emotions. Fear of screwing up, fear of nervousness getting the better of you or just fear of the unknown. Well have no fear.

It is normal practice by many driving instructors to keep giving you driving lessons until they 'think' you are ready. They 'think' you are ready but they do not truly 'know'. This is down to a total lack of knowledge on how the tester thinks and grades you during the driving test. This is not how we do things. Our team of instructors have been properly trained by ex-testers so they completely understand the driving tester and what they are looking for from you on test day.

We don’t like abandoning things to chance. We simulate for you all 4 stages of the test, show you all the driving test routes and concentrate on the elements of your driving that are most likely to get you the most marks or fail you.

Using this method we get our pupils over the line in half the time it takes other driving schools. That means less lessons and less expense to our students.

Find our more about our pretest lessons in Laois here... or Call 046 9046800 now to book your pretest package.

Laois Test Centres

Portlaoise Test Centre

  • Government Offices, Abbeyleix Road, Portlaoise
  • 1890406040
  • 9 weeks
Portlaoise Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 48.65%
Got a driving test at Portlaoise Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Portlaoise Now
Book Your Laois Pretest & Car Hire Package Today

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

If you were driving along the road and felt drowsy, what should you do?

Pull over, stop and open your window. (DO NOT DRIVE WHEN DROWSY)

Durrow Car Hire Bundles

There is no steering clear of the fact that you need to supply a car in which to sit your driving test. And we can assist you. When a driving tester sees that you have hired a dual-controlled car for your test, it demonstrates to them as to how commited you are to the testing process. Investing in a pretest and car hire package for your test is most beneficial choice you can make.

Give yourself the edge

Your Durrow driving lesson can start and finish in what feels like a heartbeat. Trying to recall all this fresh information in a driving lesson environment is difficult. But we don't leave you high and dry. To help you grow fast and absorb each of the driving techniques our instructors practice with you, we have produced our own exclusive home study learner driver program distributed straight to your inbox to support you through your EDT to the test. Why? Because not all driving schools are made equal.

Is it possible to collect me for my lesson?

We want your driving lessons to be hassle-free and easy to do. Which is why we can begin and end your driving lessons from wherever you wish be it your Durrow home or place of work.

Can I book with Female Driving Instructor?

You guessed it! Our highly trained female driving instructors are available to teach you to drive. Many people joke about female drivers. Not any more. Our lady driving instructors are among the best instructors in not just Durrow but Ireland. Book your driving lesson package now.

Can I purchase a Driving School Gift Voucher?

Undoubtedly. And when it comes to ideas for gifts, a driving lesson gift card must be one of the greatest there is when it comes to transforming the life of someone you love. Transform someones life in Durrow today with a RSA School of Motoring Gift Voucher.

Do offer Automatic Driving Lessons in Durrow?

What self respecting driving school doesn't offer automatic driving lessons in Laois? We can provide all our learners driving lessons in automatic or manual dual controlled driving school cars all over Durrow. Book your automatic driving lessons in Durrow today.

Luke Byrne - I passed

Luke Byrne

Luke Byrne - Their Pretest Lessons Are The Best

I just passed my driving test and i wouldn't have been able to do it without my instructor at rsa. He was amazing help and was extremely patient with me. He was also easy to talk to which i was afraid of. I would urge anyone doing there test to do lessons with rsa if they want to pass. Cant wait to start driving on my own.

We would be happy to help you learn to drive so contact us now to discuss your driving lesson needs. We won’t disappoint you.

Pass your driving test first time with RSA School of Motoring Laois... Call 046 9046800