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Join Stephanie Roche and Georgia Penna (Salpa) and the thousands of other students who have achieved driving test success with RSA School of Motoring

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As a student of RSA School of Motoring you get more. Why? Glad you asked...

Leinster's best instructors

Only instructors that meet our high standards work with us. Each one is vetted through a intensive interview and training process

Comprehensive curriculum

Lessons with us don't just start and finish in the car. Work through our 16 module support email course based around the EDT and driving test.

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Driving Lessons Moneenroe

At Last... The Greatest Driving Lessons Moneenroe Has To Offer

At RSA School of Motoring we tackle driver training a little differently. As our pupil we want you to enjoy your driving lessons and stay safe on the road. Which is why we routinely train and upskill our instructors to not only give you the finest driving lesson experience there is to be had in Moneenroe but also to give you a peaceful enjoyable environment to learn in. You will never see our instructors lose their cool.

The Most Impressive Driving Lessons in Moneenroe

Why We Brand Ourselves The Best Driving School in Moneenroe

Jamie O'Connell - Review

Jamie O'Connell

Jamie O'Connell - I passed my test!

My driving instructor Colman was fantastic. He was friendly, very patient and gave great clear instruction. I felt well prepared when it came to the test (I passed two weeks back). I would strongly recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive. You won't find a better instructor!

RSA School of Motoring have the exact track record of student success we have been talking about and we have the validated reviews to prove it. So if you need driving lessons you would be getting a head start choosing us. Let us explain to you why.

Being a good approved driving instructor involves listening to the needs of the student, inducing the proper way of thinking and responding with the appropriate corrective action and guidance to turn you into a great considerate driver. Something our driving instructors are genuine experts at.

Holding onto all the fresh material you are hit with when learning to drive is tough for any pupil. Which is why we have also created a zero cost email program, packed with top quality content and instructional videos to serve as a guide and to give you support throughout your EDT.

This supportive material if utilised correctly should drive you to progress faster and stay safe. Our course walks you through the Essential Driver Training syllabus and helps with aspects of your driving like right and left turns giving you a greater theoretical understanding of what safe driving really is. This additional free training material is not provided by any other driving school in Moneenroe.

About MoneenroeDriving Schools Kilkenny

Moneenroe is a townland, electoral division and village in north County Kilkenny, Ireland. It is located in the province of Leinster along the N78 road about 21 kilometres from Kilkenny city in the south-east of the island of Ireland. find out more about Moneenroe

Driving Test Questions
Are you ready?

When driving on country roads, what should you pay particular attention to?

Wandering animals, farm machinery, concealed entrances and persons herding animals.

Learning to Drive in Moneenroe: An Eye Opening Driver Training Approach

Most of us will remember the exciting engaging teacher in school that made learning fun and easy. And on the opposite end of the scale we had teachers that had no place in the classroom. Not all teachers are made equal and that is certainly no less a fact with driving instructors. It's not as easy as Googling 'Driving Lessons Moneenroe' and choosing the first driving school you see. Who will you trust to give you that enjoyable and engaging driving lesson experience?

Practical experience and professionalism is what you need from a driving school. A driving school that gets learners to pass the driving test.

Real Reviews From Real People

xue wu - Passes with RSA School of Motoring

xue wu

xue wu - I did it!

Had a brilliant experience with RSA. My instructor was courteous, mannerly and punctual. Passed and definiately recommend to all my friends. SUNNY.....

What's the difference?

Which category do you fall under? You have an certain test approaching or you want to kick off preparing for one before you book. Or you are a complete beginner and need to get started or finish off your EDT syllabus.

What is the EDT?

EDT Driving Lessons Moneenroe EDT Driving Lessons Moneenroe

Inescapable fact! Ireland has one of the ugliest road death statistics in Europe. The Essential Driver Training Syllabus was introduced by the Road Safety Authority to aid battle the matter.

This EDT mandates that all new drivers must complete a minimum of 12 hours of essential driver training by an RSA approved driving instructor.

This 12 lesson syllabus has been created to assure new drivers apply very important driving skills and build a more thorough knowledge of road safety.

That's the 'whats' and 'whys' of the EDT.

Want to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Kilkenny? Then call **Kilkennynumber**

Driving Test Questions
Are you ready?

Name some conditions that you would need to increase your braking distance?

Rain (road wet after a dry spell), ice, snow, fallen leaves, loose chippings, worn tyres.

Getting yourself ready for the Driving Test in Moneenroe

Pretest Driving Lessons Moneenroe Pretest Driving Lessons Moneenroe

The skill of driving safely and the skill of passing the test should not be mixed up as the same. Long before sitting the driving test you should hold the necessary skills and knowledge to drive without having to put your life or the lives of other people at risk. Our Moneenroe pretest driving lessons are engineered to explain to you how to better the driving test by understanding the situations you will be placed under.

If your driving test is scheduled there is a lot of doubts and concerns to deal with. They often get the best of even the most seasoned driver. So it seems logical that we have to shine a light in the dark, remove the unknowns and the fear. And that's precisely what our pretest driving lessons will do.

It is normal practice by a lot of approved driving instructors to keep giving you driving lessons until they 'think' you could pass the test. They 'think' you could pass the test but they do not really 'know'. And they do this because they do not really understand the driving test, how you will be marked or what areas of your driving will cause you to fail. The good news is this is not how we operate. All our driving instructors have been properly trained by ex-testers so they fully understand the driving tester and what they are looking for from you on driving test day.

We're not in the business of gambling on your success. Our pretest training fully simulate the 4 different stages of the driving test and fully prepares you for the way the tester will speak to you and how they mark the test sheet.

When we present this knowledge and understanding with our pupils it is like giving them all the solutions to an examination before they even know the questions. And for that reason so many of our students pass the driving test on their first attempt. Meaning fewer driving lessons and less expense to you.

Check out pretest lessons in Moneenroe here... or Call **Kilkennynumber** now to book your pretest package.

Kilkenny Test Centres

Kilkenny Test Centre

  • Government Offices, Hebron Road, Kilkenny
  • 1890406040
  • 9 weeks
Kilkenny Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 46.10%
Got a driving test at Kilkenny Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Kilkenny Now
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Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

What legal requirements must you have before going to drive a vehicle?

Valid licence, valid tax and insurance and a roadworthy vehicle.

Can I purchase a Driving School Gift Voucher?

No matter your age learning to drive is most likely the most life transforming thing you'll ever go through. It can brighten your social life in addition to open doors for employment. This makes a driving school gift voucher an incredible gift. Put a big smile on someones face with the gift of driving.

Automatic Driving Lessons in Moneenroe

If you would like driving lessons in an automatic in Moneenroe then you're not the only one and we can help you. Contact us today and we’ll get you booked in with your nearest automatic driving instructor.

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

What signs would you expect to see approaching a major road?

Warning sign; major road ahead; regulatory sign: yield or stop.

Are you able to begin the lesson from my home?

Yes. We aspire to make your driving lesson experience as convenient and straightforward as possible. Which means our instructors will drive to your house or workplace* to begin each and every driving lesson.

Female Driving Instructors

Looking for a female driving instructor for your driving lessons in Moneenroe? Your wish is our command. It is possible to conduct your essential driver training or pre-test lessons with one of our female driving instructors. Just give us a call to book in.

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

When should you use your lights during daylight hours?

During poor visibility, falling snow, fog or rain.

Give yourself the edge

Your Moneenroe driving lesson can begin and end in what might appear to be only minutes. Remembering all this new knowledge in a driving lesson environment can be tough. But we make the whole thing easier. We have created our unique learner driver support course delivered direct to your inbox to provide you with support throughout your EDT program all the way to your driving test. Why? Because not all driving schools are made equal.

Driving Test Car Hire Moneenroe

If you have a driving test arranged and need a modern, easy to drive car to conduct it in then we can help. Using a modern driving school car for the test tells the driving tester that you are taking the test seriously. Help stack the deck in your favor and select one of our pretest and car hire deals... it's the smart choice.

So what are you hesitating for? Our Moneenroe instructors would be happy to teach you to drive so call us now. You'll be very glad you did.

Pass your test first time with RSA School of Motoring Kilkenny... Call **Kilkennynumber**