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Join Stephanie Roche and Georgia Penna (Salpa) and the thousands of other students who have achieved driving test success with RSA School of Motoring

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Lessons with us don't just start and finish in the car. Work through our 16 module support email course based around the EDT and driving test.

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Driving Lessons Mulhussey

You've Found It... A Driving School Mulhussey People Recommend

Few other driving schools apply a similar attitude as us in Mulhussey. Our decades of experience has shown us that you the student are only as good as the teacher. Creating this balance is what we are known for. All our driving instructors are motivated to stay on top of their game so they can deliver driving lessons in Mulhussey that bridge the gap between theory and practice and turn our students into thoughtful, safer drivers. You will never ever witness our instructors lose their cool.

The Best Driving Lessons in Mulhussey

Why We Label Ourselves The Finest Driving School in Mulhussey

JC Clarke - Passed in Louth

JC Clarke

JC Clarke - The Best Driving School in Leinster

Very happy with my time with the RSA School of Motoring. They paired me the right instructor and passed on my 2nd attempt. Was very nervous for the first few lessons but instructor was very helpful, relaxed and calm which helped me a great deal. Couldn't speak more highly of him.

We now have helped countless pupils pass the test so before you carry on your search we urge you to think about RSA School of Motoring for your driving lessons in Mulhussey. Let us explain to you why.

Being a great driving instructor involves listening to the needs of the learner, inducing the proper way of thinking and reacting with the appropriate remedial action and advice to transform you into a great thoughtful driver. Something our instructors are real experts at.

Another thing we see a lot is pupils returning for a subsequent lesson having forgotten the majority of what was included in the previous driving lesson. Which is why we've created our own exclusive training guides and tutorials to give you support during your driver training.

We've seen pupils routinely develop faster with the use of our home study support material. Our additional bonus training will give you a jump on all your EDT lessons, road rules and on the test itself. No other Mulhussey driving school offers such a comprehensive service as this.

About MulhusseyA Driving School Meath Trusts

Mulhussey is a village in County Meath, Ireland. It has a school, a castle with accompanying cemetery, a nearby church at the edge of the Kilcloon parish in Kilcock, and a religious antiquity, St Bridgid's Well, located in Calgath, a townland of Mulhussey. source

Driving Test Questions
Are you ready?

What do you do on approaching a junction to turn left/right if there are pedestrians already crossing?

Slow down allow them to cross, stop if necessary.

Learning to Drive in Mulhussey: An Eye Opening Driver Training Solution

Most of us remember the fun engaging teacher at school that made learning truly a pleasure. And we will remember the bad teachers that had no business educating anyone. We don't assume teachers are made equal and that is no less true with driving instructors. It's not as straightforward as Googling 'Driving Lessons Mulhussey' and picking the first driving school you see. Who can you have faith in to provide you with that fun and engaging experience?

Working experience and professionalism is what you should demand from a driving school. A driving school that gets people to pass the driving test.

Real Reviews From Real People

PAULINA DYLEWSKA - Passes with RSA School of Motoring


PAULINA DYLEWSKA - I couldn't have done it without RSA School of Motoring Leinster

I would like to say great THANK YOU to because I passed my driving test. My story is easy. I failed my first driving test. After that I found on the webside Tthe mobile phone to . I ordered 4 hours of lessons with him. That four hours gave me a lot of knowledge. At first He showed me how I should to drive than I had to drive. After few minutes He knows why I did not pass my exam. He is a good observer. He fixed my mistake with excelent result. The most important is that He thorougtly explained me why I did mistake. Good news for people with basic english!!!! He is patient and He is speaking simply and clearly. I really recommend the RSA SCHOOL OF MOTORING.

What exactly is the difference?

The majority of our learners fall under among the following. You have an certain test coming up or you want to start preparing for one before you book. Or you haven't ever driven before and need to get your Essential Driver Training underway.

The EDT: What exactly is it?

EDT Driving Lessons Mulhussey EDT Driving Lessons Mulhussey

You may not realise but in the past Ireland had one of the worst road accident records in Europe. In an effort to reduce these stats the Road Safety Authority introduced a new and obligatory driver training program for new drivers. The Essential Driver Training or EDT.

The Essential Driver Training syllabus requires that 12 structured lessons must be completed, rubber-stamped and submitted to the RSA website by an approved driving instructor.

This 12 lesson EDT syllabus has been designed to assure young drivers apply essential driving skills and grow a more thorough knowledge of road safety.

That's the 'whats' and 'whys' of the EDT.

Want to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Mulhussey? Then call 046 9046800

The Test: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Pretest Driving Lessons Mulhussey Pretest Driving Lessons Mulhussey

The art of driving safely and securely and the art of beating the test should not be mixed up as the same. Well before attempting the test you will ideally possess the necessary skills and knowledge to drive without putting your life or the lives of others at risk. Pretest training should be focused on comprehending the test itself and how you can beat it.

If you haven't done any preparation for your driving test then you are in the dark and being in the dark can cause a lot of fear to rise up. Fear can sidetrack even the best of drivers. So it isn't surprising that we have to shine a light in the dark, take away the unknowns and the worry. And that is exactly what our pretest driving lessons will do.

It is standard practice by many driving instructors to keep supplying you with lessons until they 'think' you are ready. Often they will send you to do the driving test not really knowing if you will successfully pass or not. And they do this because they do not truly understand the driving test, how you will be marked or what elements of your driving will cause you to fail. Thankfully this is not how we operate. All our driving instructors have been coached by ex-testers so they fully understand the driving tester and what they are looking for from you on test day.

RSA School of Motoring is not in the business of gambling on your success. We replicate for you all Four phases of the test, coach you on all the driving test routes and focus on the elements of your driving that are most likely to cause you to fail the test.

Using this process we get our pupils over the line in half the time it takes other driving schools. Meaning fewer lessons and less expense to you.

Find our more about our pretest lessons in Mulhussey here... or Call 046 9046800 now to book your pretest package.

Meath Test Centres

Navan Test Centre

  • Government Offices, Athlumney, Kilcairn- Navan
  • 1890406040
  • 7 weeks
Navan Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 50.90%
Got a driving test at Navan Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Navan Now
Book Your Meath Pretest & Car Hire Package Today

Pressure Test
Do You Know The Answer?

To keep you vehicle in legal condition, what should you pay particular attention to?

brakes; lights; tyres; steering; indicators; wipers; speedometer; horn; silencer.

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

What should you not do after overtaking?

Cut in, slow down or stop.

Do conduct Automatic Driving Lessons in Mulhussey?

We would hardly be Meath’s leading driving school if we didn’t. At RSA School of Motoring you can take your lesson in a manual or automatic car. The choice is yours. Book your automatic driving lessons in Mulhussey today.

Gift Vouchers Mulhussey ?

When you’re younger learning to drive is probably the most life changing thing you'll ever go through. It opens up huge prospects personally, socially and professionally. Which is the crucial reason why it is the perfect gift idea. Give someone special a Mulhussey driving lesson gift voucher and change their life forever.

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

When should you use your lights during daylight hours?

During poor visibility, falling snow, fog or rain.

Female Driving Instructors Mulhussey

You’re fortunate. We have female driving instructors all over Mulhussey. Many people laugh about lady drivers. Not any more. Book your driving lessons with one of our lady instructors and discover why they are some of the best instructors in Mulhussey.

Collection and Drop Off Services?

We want your driving lessons to be effortless and easy to do. For that reason our highly trained instructors can pick you up and drop you off from your selected Mulhussey locations*, be it work, home or school.

Okay smarty's test time
How Did You Do?

When parked on the left, what should you do before moving off?

Check your rear and right mirrors, signal and look over you right shoulder to check you blind spot and look forward again before moving off.

Mulhussey Car Hire Bundles

Did you know that 10% of all tests stop prior to them even beginning because pupils arrive with a vehicle that isn't roadworthy. Turn up in a car that doesn't have all lamps and safety features operating, or have current tax and car insurance then you fail the test before it has even started. Let us guarantee that your driving test begins the way it ought to by hiring one of our dual controlled driving school cars. Pre-book your pretest & car Hire Deal with us today.

Accelerate your progress

Your Mulhussey driving lesson can come and go in the blink of an eye. It's nerve-racking for most and challenging to retain all that information in every short driving lesson. But we don't leave you high and dry. So that you can grow fast and to help you remember each of the driving techniques and principles our instructors practice with you, we have engineered our own independent home study driver training program distributed straight to your inbox to support you throughout your EDT all the way to the test. Why? Because not all driving schools are made equal.

So what are you hesitating for? Give one of our team a call now to discuss your driving lessons. You'll be very glad you did.

Pass your test first time with RSA School of Motoring Meath... Call 046 9046800