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Preparing for the Test

So you’ve successfully completed your EDT lessons, what next! Its now time to start preparing to pass your driving test. Very different to your EDT, where it teaches you the skills to be a safe driver, preparing for the test focuses purely on passing your test and what to expect. At the RSA School of Motoring we advise the best way to do this is with pretest lessons. These lessons are so informative and really are worth the time and money. They will show you potential test routes, tell you exactly what the examiner will be looking for and help keep you relaxed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can schedule a pretest the morning before your actual test. These are great to have a final run through everything you have learnt and most importantly keep your nerves under control. Unfortunately nerves can get the better of the best of us, so let us help keep you focused.

At the RSA School of Motoring we can also provide a car for you to hire if you do not have your own car. This way you don’t have to worry whether it is road worthy.

Below is a thorough outline on what you will expect on your driver's test and what will be taught in your pretest lessons.

But first, have a look at our real testimonials from students who have passed their test with us. They really do speak for themselves and we are very happy having such a high pass rate. Let us help you today!

There are four stages to the irish driving test:

Theoretical questions on your knowledge of the rules of the road and road signs
Show & tell. Under the bonnet checks
Secondary controls & internal checks
The drive itself

Stage 1: Theory questions on your knowledge of the rules of the road and road signs:

Please arrive at the test centre at least 15 minutes before the test begins. This gives you time to check in and to have a moment before you are called into the tester. When called you will be brought into a room and sat opposite your tester. The tester will begin by asking some basic personal information, checking your learner permit and ensuring that you have completed your EDT. The tester will then proceed in asking you 8-12 questions on the rules of the road and the same again for road signs. It is extremely important that you have studied this section as a poor score could contribute to a fail. On completion of all questions the tester will accompany you to your car in the car park and begin stage 2.

Stage 2: Under the Bonnet checks:

Once you are at your car the tester will ask you to pop the bonnet. Once the bonnet has been raised and secured properly the tester may ask you the following questions:

  • How would you test the levels of oil in the engine?
  • Where is the coolant reservoir located
  • How would you know what the levels are?
  • Where is the bottle washer for the wipers located?
  • where would you find the brake fluid?

Having answered the testers questions, you will be asked to close the bonnet. You will then be asked to enter your car and turn on the ignition. From outside the car the tester will ask you to turn lights on and off and indicators. This is to ensure that all bulbs are working properly. From this point the tester to get into the car and you will then proceed to stage 3.

Stage 3 Secondary Controls:

Once the tester is in the car they will proceed to ask you to demonstrate the following procedures:

Where are the hazard warning lights located?
Where is the rear windscreen demister?
How do you turn on dipped lights and full lights?
How do you use the windscreen wipers?
How do you put water on the windscreen?
How do you clear the windscreen in the event that it is fogged up or there is condensation on it?
Where are the fog lights locates?

From this point the tester will instruct you to drive out of the car park and in the requested direction. This will be the start of stage 4.

Stage 4: The Drive Itself

At this stage the tester is looking for you to demonstrate all skills that you have learnt in order to show them that you are a safe knowledgeable driver. You need to demonstrate everything from, a good awareness of other road users, following road signs accurately and always using your mirrors. All routes are of equal difficulty so it is up to you to show the tester what you know. The examiner will clearly state where they want you to go so you will need to keep calm and listen carefully for their instructions. Overall the tester wants you to demonstrate that you are a well rounded driver.

The following procedures must be demonstrated to the tester during your test:

  • reverse around the corner
  • the turnabout
  • the hill start
  • left turns
  • right turns
  • and roundabouts

Fault Markings

During the test the tester is looking for you to demonstrate all of the above stages. If you make a mistake this is marked on your test sheet as a fault marking. There are 3 grades of marking, Grade 1 is a minor fault, Grade 2 is a more serious fault and a grade 3 is a dangerous or potentially dangerous fault. Your aim during the test is to ensure that you keep the amount of faults to a minimum in order to ensure a pass.

If you have followed our advice and have taken some pretest lessons with the RSA School of Motoring you will taught the following:

  • how the tester will speak to you
  • how the tester sees things from his point of view
  • how the tester will want you to do the maneuvers
  • the junction organisation the tester wants to see, M.S.P.O and how to implement it
  • where the tester will bring you on the route
  • why the tester marks the sheet

All of the above is all you need to know in order to pass the test.

Pretest lessons really are valuable lessons to complete so please give us a call today to book you in and let us help you get your driver’s license!